Challenge #1!

We are pumped to announce our very first Homeschool PLAN challenge!

Write a letter to your MP, and get as many people as possible to do the same!

MPs love hearing from young people! It’s awesome if you mention your age in your letter, and if you need some topic suggestions, see the bottom of this post. Handwritten letters are one of the most effective ways to contact your MP and make sure he notices that young people in his constituency are pro-life!
If you’re not sure who your MP is, go to the Campaign Life Coalition website, where you can also find all the MPs’ addresses and their personal stances on abortion. Just type in your postal code, and your MP will show up. (In your letter, make sure you include your address so your MP knows you are a constituent.)

We also encourage you to get your homeschool group, church, and/ or youth group involved. You can print out form letters (write your own or you can use the one below). Sometimes you can ask your church to cover the cost of printing; often when they see a young person who is active in an important cause, they will be very happy to support you! If you have permission, make an announcement after the service and stand at the back of the church with the printed form letters (and a supply of pens!). Oftentimes, you will get a very positive response! If not, don’t be discouraged. The fact that you’re a young person determined to make a difference will leave an impact on people, no matter what they think about abortion!


Write a letter to your MP and get your friends to join you!


Here’s a Form letter!

Dear _______________________,


I am writing on behalf of the countless children who have never been allowed to take a breath or live a life outside the womb. I strongly believe that abortion denies the unborn their rights, to which they are entitled to just as much as any other human being in this world. If we are to uphold Canada as a nation of freedom and justice, we must uphold the rights of even the youngest and smallest of human persons. 


Why is it that in our society, it is the degree of significance that society attaches to a human life that determines whether that person is a human being or not? 


Nothing changes when the baby passes through the womb of its mother and into our world. It is equivalent to passing from one room to another. It does not magically turn us into a human being; we are essentially the same, the only difference is in our surroundings. This means one of two things: either we are all clumps of tissue walking around that may be terminated at will and without consequences, or we are all equal human beings entitled to our basic rights, regardless of age or size.


So I stand, as a voice for the voiceless, demanding justice for the unborn. For the sake of the unborn, for the sake of justice, for the sake of Canada, I will continue to fight for and uphold the basic human right of the most vulnerable and most innocent ones of our society.

Thank you for your service and time.



Tell us how it went in the comment section below!

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