Hi everyone! I hope your letter writing was successful and that you got your whole family involved. Writing letters is a simple but explicit way to express our opinions to politicians. But political activism is only one aspect of the pro-life movement. This next project will bring you to the “heart” of the abortion issue by introducing the places that make it possible for lives to be saved.

As many of us approach the abortion debate in a removed and intellectual way, we can forget that life is a choice that can be very difficult for those in tough circumstances. While no such circumstance can justify the killing of an unborn child, it is never right to ignore that they do exist. Crisis pregnancy centers provide women in need with support and resources to save the lives of their babies.

So this week we ask you to become a little bit more familiar with your local pro-life crisis pregnancy centre! Look up where your nearest centre or organization is and contact them. (Emphasis on the pro-life, you don’t want to be supporting a center that sends women for abortions!) Find out what they are in need of. You might want to offer to volunteer your time or to donate items like diapers or second-hand baby clothes. Ideally, this project should not be a one-time deal! We encourage you to begin to form a relationship with the centre. Let them know that you support their work and are willing to help out in some way or another.

Here’s a site that will help you to find a center close to you:

Feel free to comment or email us about your experiences. Happy activism!


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