Challenge #6

Credit: pixabay [CC BY]

Hello everyone! This week’s challenge is to call your MP.

One of the common positions we find ourselves in as homeschoolers is being inside the house. All. Day. Long. Especially during those cold winter days when we don’t have any extra-curriculars planned, it’s easy to want to wake up, do school work, and then just hang out at home all day. Well our next project won’t take you out of the house, but it might take you out of your comfort zone…just a bit.

Democratic systems are supposed to be grounded in public opinion, but if we never make our opinions known then the system is useless. It might feel a little bit silly to call your MP. After all, you’re just one person and a teenager at that. But remember that you are part of a national effort to end abortion. Remember that if everyone thought that their voices were useless, then nothing would be done.

So call your MP¬†and let them know that you are unhappy with the status quo. Here is a sample of what you can say from the weneedalaw website. You can particularly look at the “talking points” for a pseudo-script.

If your MP happens to be pro-life, congratulate them and show your support. Everyone needs some encouragement sometimes. Good luck!

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