Challenge #8

Hello Pro-Life Activists!

As important as it is to contact our Members of Parliament, we are ultimately trying to build a Culture of Life. In other words, we have to change public opinion. Sometimes, the reason that people claim to be pro-choice is simply because they are not aware of the truth about abortion. And even when they are, many who are pro-choice do not necessarily believe in abortion on demand. Often they are shocked to find out that abortion is funded by the provincial government without restriction – without being a medically necessary procedure!

It’s time to brave the cold and spread awareness by leaving pro-life drop cards in and around your community…whether on the bus, in a stack at your local library or community centre, or any other place you frequent.

Pro-Life World sells packs of 100 drop cards for $5.

If you want some more substantial materials, LifeCycle Books sells various brochures that you can purchase in bulk for between 10-75 cents each, depending on how many you buy.

This is a really easy and affordable project, and while the impact is not exactly measurable it has the potential to be huge. So go drop some cards For Life!

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