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Welcome to the Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network, otherwise known as Homeschool PLAN! This is the home base for high school age home-schoolers who are passionately pro-life. We hope that this forum will equip you to be informed, supported, and motivated in the pro-life message. We encourage you to get involved, share the message with others and take action to secure a Culture of Life in this generation for all future generations.

Sarah Blake 

DSC02176Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Blake – one of the founders of the Homeschool PLAN. My first exposure to the pro-life movement occurred when I was about seven and attended my first life chain. I slowly began to learn about the issues as I got older, but my activism was pretty limited. In 2012 I was asked to be  a youth board member for Toronto Right to Life Association which focuses on building a culture of life through education. Since then, I’ve taken part in Defund Abortion Rallies, written letters to parliament, attended numerous apologetics sessions, and planned activities as part of the Student Life Link team. But this club is by far my most significant project!

I was only a homeschooler for my last two years of high school, but I recognize the unique advantages and challenges that this method of education brings. And that is why this club exists – as a unique space for a unique group of pro-lifers! I hope that this club will give you the motivation, tools, education, and support necessary for being homeschooling pro-life heroes in today’s world.

Alexandra Jezierski

Hey!  I’m Alexandra Jezierski, and I’m co-founder of the Homeschool PLAN.  I’ve been homeschooled my whole life and am the oldest of six kids.  Being homeschooled was an awesome experience but since I never had the chance to be part of a school pro-life club and my friends were pro-life anyway, I didn’t know what I could do to be actively pro-life.  But I wanted to be more proactive, so when I was in grade 11, I started Letters4Life – a campaign to motivate Canadians to send 100,000 letters in support of Motion 312 to the Canadian Parliament.  Since then I’ve discovered there’s a lot more ways to be active than I ever knew before!  I’ve been involved in my local 40 Days for Life campaign, have organized a pro-life youth conference, a Defund Abortion mini-rally, and have spoken at various pro-life events and high schools, and encouraged youth to be active in the pro-life movement.

I always wished something like this club existed when I was getting into pro-life activism, and that’s why I’m thrilled to be a part of this project!  I’m excited to network with you and to share and exchange ideas on how we, as homeschooled youth, can help end abortion, once and for all!



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