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You’ve probably heard that Justin Trudeau does not want a pro-life voice in the Liberal party. He doesn’t want a conversation about abortion. He won’t even admit the tragedy that is sex-selective abortion. It’s time for us to make Justin Trudeau accountable and stand up for the kind of Canada that we want to see. #No2Trudeau promises to be the biggest pro-life campaign in Canadian history.

Check out the website to find out how to get involved. Opportunities range from delivering postcards, to making phone calls, to just being active on social media.

Additionally, if you are going to be in the Toronto area on April 10, come to the Campaign Launch! You will meet the people running the campaign as well as other like-minded, young, pro-life, political activists. What could be better than that?

Member Spotlight – Amelia

***We’ve had a bit of a lag in starting our school year activism, we know. But I assure you that everything will begin again in October. To prepare yourself for a school year of pro-life leadership, read this member spotlight post by Amelia and get inspired! (And check out Amelia’s video on our project pro-life page!)

Hi!  I’m Amelia Willis.  I’m a grade 11 student, and I’ve been homeschooled all my life.  I guess my being pro-life all started by going to Life Chain Sunday, and then to the March in Ottawa.  I always looked forward to Life Chain Sunday, and was always excited to hold the sign.  The pro-life march in Ottawa was a completely different experience, and I loved it!  I think the biggest thing for me, was seeing how many thousands of people were there, and all for the same reason!  Just recently, I made a pro-life video.

I’d really like to get more involved in the pro-life movement, so I think Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network is an amazing thing, because, it can be difficult to be involved, being a homeschooler!  Great job Alexandra and Sarah!

Challenge #9

We know…we haven’t posted an activism challenge in a while. But with the beautiful weather, we are motivated and ready to start our summer of pro-life activism!

 Pro-life Chalk Drawings are a great way to get people in your community talking about the abortion issue. Pre-born human rights are far from the minds of the average North American. But this is not really surprising – the pre-born are literally an invisible group, so it’s up to us to make them seen.

This challenge is easy and really fun: grab a bunch of friends, wake up early in the morning and write/ draw life-related messages around your neighborhood sidewalks!

Here are some slogans, from Campaign Life Coalition Youth:

Abortion is NOT Healthcare

In Canada, 300 Humans Are Aborted Everyday

Everyday Abortion is Paid For By YOUR Tax Dollars. Defund Abortion!

Heartbeat Begins Beating at  21 Days

Women Need Love Not Abortion

Social Justice Begins in the Womb

Adoption Not Abortion

Love them both

True Feminists are Pro-Life

Peace Begins in the Womb

Pro-choice = No-choice

Women Regret Abortion

Happy Chalking!

Member Spotlight – Angela

*This is the first post of our member spotlight series, written by one of our members, Angela! If you would like to write a similar post. Email us:

Angela: I am 17, and have been homeschooled my whole life. I honestly haven’t really done pro-life activism before. The extent of my pro-life work has been a few Life Chains and one March for Life, plus winning 2nd prize (and acting in the 1st prize video) in a pro-life video contest a year ago with Action Life Ottawa. An article on this contest was featured on LifeSite. Despite my lack of experience in the pro-life field, I would like to get more involved. I would especially like to use the talents God has given me and promote the culture of life through music and media.

But why should I be pro-life? Why should anyone? Why should we care if there’s one more person in the world?

Life itself is a deep profound gift. I know, this sounds totally clichéd. But it really is true. I like to think about the heart, the real physical heart. When you think about that organ, beating away of its own accord…it staggers the mind. The heart supplies the body with, well, everything if you sum it up, but what supplies the heart? What is it that makes that little pump pump? Certainly not me, certainly not you, and certainly not anyone else here on earth. But that little thing just keeps pumping away. That poor little heart! working so hard to keep a little body alive, and we give it very little thought.

Imagine a very tiny heart. Little. Hidden away. But it’s doing its job. It doesn’t know why it’s doing it, but it bravely goes on. Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Every day it sends more blood to steadily growing cells. That little tiny heart knows what it does is important, but somehow also knows the job didn’t start with it. But that’s okay. “I’ve been assigned to keep this body alive, and I will,” the heart thinks. THA-Thump. THA-Thump.

  A-MAZING! How cool is that?

That little tiny heart is giving life-blood to a little tiny baby. And that little tiny baby is just waiting, is ready to take on the world. Heart and baby! Who are we to deny them a chance?

This doesn’t do justice–by any stretch of the imagination–to what it means to be pro-life, to the truths that are being constantly disregarded. But it takes one little step at a time to do what the pro-life movement is doing. Baby steps.

Challenge #8

Hello Pro-Life Activists!

As important as it is to contact our Members of Parliament, we are ultimately trying to build a Culture of Life. In other words, we have to change public opinion. Sometimes, the reason that people claim to be pro-choice is simply because they are not aware of the truth about abortion. And even when they are, many who are pro-choice do not necessarily believe in abortion on demand. Often they are shocked to find out that abortion is funded by the provincial government without restriction – without being a medically necessary procedure!

It’s time to brave the cold and spread awareness by leaving pro-life drop cards in and around your community…whether on the bus, in a stack at your local library or community centre, or any other place you frequent.

Pro-Life World sells packs of 100 drop cards for $5.

If you want some more substantial materials, LifeCycle Books sells various brochures that you can purchase in bulk for between 10-75 cents each, depending on how many you buy.

This is a really easy and affordable project, and while the impact is not exactly measurable it has the potential to be huge. So go drop some cards For Life!

Challenge #6

Credit: pixabay [CC BY]

Hello everyone! This week’s challenge is to call your MP.

One of the common positions we find ourselves in as homeschoolers is being inside the house. All. Day. Long. Especially during those cold winter days when we don’t have any extra-curriculars planned, it’s easy to want to wake up, do school work, and then just hang out at home all day. Well our next project won’t take you out of the house, but it might take you out of your comfort zone…just a bit.

Democratic systems are supposed to be grounded in public opinion, but if we never make our opinions known then the system is useless. It might feel a little bit silly to call your MP. After all, you’re just one person and a teenager at that. But remember that you are part of a national effort to end abortion. Remember that if everyone thought that their voices were useless, then nothing would be done.

So call your MP and let them know that you are unhappy with the status quo. Here is a sample of what you can say from the weneedalaw website. You can particularly look at the “talking points” for a pseudo-script.

If your MP happens to be pro-life, congratulate them and show your support. Everyone needs some encouragement sometimes. Good luck!

Challenge #4

Hi everyone, it’s time for another challenge! Last time, I wrote to you about pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and their necessary work. Another group of organizations, instrumental in the educational side of the pro-life movement, are “right-to-life” associations. As you may know, I am a board member of the Toronto Right to Life Association, which uses education as a means of “providing a sure and certain voice regarding the care and protection of the unborn, women hurt by abortion, the infirm, persons with disabilities and the aged.” In other words, we teach people about the importance of life!

Right to life associations exist across the country and are changing the culture around them. But many of them are primarily volunteer organizations and have limited funds to complete their work. Well, I think that It’s time to give these groups some credit and thank them for what they do!

This week’s challenge will be to organize a fundraiser for your local right-to-life association, whether among your family, your homeschool group, your Church, etc. Here is a list of a few groups to get you started:



New Brunswick:

Prince Edward Island:


British Columbia:

Canada-wide: National Right to Life Committee

The fundraiser is not just about giving the groups a donation. We hope that you also take this opportunity to become aware of the kind of work that your local right-to-life organization does. Maybe you will be inspired to volunteer yourself!


Hi everyone! I hope your letter writing was successful and that you got your whole family involved. Writing letters is a simple but explicit way to express our opinions to politicians. But political activism is only one aspect of the pro-life movement. This next project will bring you to the “heart” of the abortion issue by introducing the places that make it possible for lives to be saved.

As many of us approach the abortion debate in a removed and intellectual way, we can forget that life is a choice that can be very difficult for those in tough circumstances. While no such circumstance can justify the killing of an unborn child, it is never right to ignore that they do exist. Crisis pregnancy centers provide women in need with support and resources to save the lives of their babies.

So this week we ask you to become a little bit more familiar with your local pro-life crisis pregnancy centre! Look up where your nearest centre or organization is and contact them. (Emphasis on the pro-life, you don’t want to be supporting a center that sends women for abortions!) Find out what they are in need of. You might want to offer to volunteer your time or to donate items like diapers or second-hand baby clothes. Ideally, this project should not be a one-time deal! We encourage you to begin to form a relationship with the centre. Let them know that you support their work and are willing to help out in some way or another.

Here’s a site that will help you to find a center close to you:

Feel free to comment or email us about your experiences. Happy activism!


The Era of Ageism

We are living in the era of ageism. It is essential that we as young pro-lifers acknowledge this because so few do. The pro-life message hinges on the idea of equal value at every age. While the number of birthdays you have celebrated might determine your size, responsibilities, and taste in music it has nothing to do with your fundamental worth. Yet today’s world is fixated with separating and classifying humans – with finding differences rather than similarities. Look for television programming genuinely suitable for “all ages” and your selection will be scant.

One age group that the world loves to set apart is the adolescents. “Teenagers” (as we know them today) began to flourish in the 1940s, catalysed by a burgeoning consumer culture. Since then, the teenage prototype has come to dominate the world of industry, influencing everything from chick flicks to fast food. On the whole, the world expects little but fears much from teenagers. Unfortunately this notion often amounts to a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it is also an explicit example of ageism.

Whatever negative impressions the world may have of teens, they are nothing compared to abortion and euthanasia – the most abominable products of ageism. For while I write this humans are being considered “too young” or “too old” to have the right to life.

If you conformed to the world’s (low) expectations for teenagers, you would not be on this website. You would not be joining the struggle to recognize the value of life at every age. As youth activists – an oxymoron by many standards – we are living examples of the errors of ageism. It is imperative that we make our opinions loud and clear. While authorities might disregard us now, they cannot ignore that we are the future decision-makers of our country.

So let us be heroes for those whose mere age is a threat to their survival. Let ours be the generation that engenders an unconditional culture of life. Let ours be the generation that silences ageism once and for all.