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Member Spotlight – Amelia

***We’ve had a bit of a lag in starting our school year activism, we know. But I assure you that everything will begin again in October. To prepare yourself for a school year of pro-life leadership, read this member spotlight post by Amelia and get inspired! (And check out Amelia’s video on our project pro-life page!)

Hi!  I’m Amelia Willis.  I’m a grade 11 student, and I’ve been homeschooled all my life.  I guess my being pro-life all started by going to Life Chain Sunday, and then to the March in Ottawa.  I always looked forward to Life Chain Sunday, and was always excited to hold the sign.  The pro-life march in Ottawa was a completely different experience, and I loved it!  I think the biggest thing for me, was seeing how many thousands of people were there, and all for the same reason!  Just recently, I made a pro-life video.

I’d really like to get more involved in the pro-life movement, so I think Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network is an amazing thing, because, it can be difficult to be involved, being a homeschooler!  Great job Alexandra and Sarah!

Member Spotlight- Tabatha

I am a grade 8 homeschooled student and although I haven’t entered high school yet, I’ve found that even while being homeschooled, there have been tons of opportunities to do pro-life activism. During the years that I’ve been homeschooled, I’ve written letters, got my youth group involved with writing letters for Letters4Life, took part in 40 Days for Life, and been involved with Right-to-Life. Being brought up in pro-life family has helped me to do more for the pro-life movement.

In September I will be going into high school. Some grade 9’s 10’s and 11’s where talking to a group of grade 8’s (I was in that group) and they where telling us how it’s so great to get involved with the clubs in high school.


At the Youth Conference with Stephanie Gray, President of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

They said “people who have come to this high school have been happier leaving knowing that they got involved with what they loved.” and that “it makes the year go by so much faster when you get involved and join a club.” One of the grade 9’s asked me what I was interested in. At the moment I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. ‘Maybe competitive speech,’ I thought to myself but never said out loud.

Two weeks after that day I found myself in Ottawa for the March for Life. Seeing 23,000 pro-lifers crowd the street was breath-taking. During the three days we stayed in Ottawa, we heard so many great people taking about why and how they got involved in the pro-life movement. When I came back I knew what I wanted to do in high school. I asked my older sister who is in grade 10 if there was a pro-life club in her high school. I was kind of  hoping she would say “no” so I could take charge of it (hee hee). When she responded “no.” I was really happy (and a bit surprised).

A week and three days earlier at the high school, the grade 9, 10, and 11’s said it was so great to “get involved and join a club” but they never said “….to start a club.”


On Parliament Hill at the March for Life Rally

I am guessing you know what I want to do in high school. I don’t know how long it has been since a grade 9 on the second day of school has gone in to the guidance counselors office and said “I want to start a pro-life club.” (my counselor will probably be in shock). I realized that since I want to go into competitive speech, I could use my love for speaking to an audience to share the pro-life message in my high school. The speech workshops I took while I was homeschooled helped me build my confidence in speaking to people.

I’ve sometimes found it hard to reach out to people while being homeschooled, so I was super excited when my friends told me about Homeschool P.L.A.N…the first homeschooling pro-life club I have heard of, actually.

The motto in my soon-to-be high school, “et aliis et non sibi,” translates in English to “For others not oneself.” In high school we are living by the motto of putting others first before our selves. In that case, in the next four years of my school life and even after that I should be doing all I can to stand up for the unborn. And putting them first before myself.

Member Spotlight – Angela

*This is the first post of our member spotlight series, written by one of our members, Angela! If you would like to write a similar post. Email us:

Angela: I am 17, and have been homeschooled my whole life. I honestly haven’t really done pro-life activism before. The extent of my pro-life work has been a few Life Chains and one March for Life, plus winning 2nd prize (and acting in the 1st prize video) in a pro-life video contest a year ago with Action Life Ottawa. An article on this contest was featured on LifeSite. Despite my lack of experience in the pro-life field, I would like to get more involved. I would especially like to use the talents God has given me and promote the culture of life through music and media.

But why should I be pro-life? Why should anyone? Why should we care if there’s one more person in the world?

Life itself is a deep profound gift. I know, this sounds totally clichéd. But it really is true. I like to think about the heart, the real physical heart. When you think about that organ, beating away of its own accord…it staggers the mind. The heart supplies the body with, well, everything if you sum it up, but what supplies the heart? What is it that makes that little pump pump? Certainly not me, certainly not you, and certainly not anyone else here on earth. But that little thing just keeps pumping away. That poor little heart! working so hard to keep a little body alive, and we give it very little thought.

Imagine a very tiny heart. Little. Hidden away. But it’s doing its job. It doesn’t know why it’s doing it, but it bravely goes on. Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Every day it sends more blood to steadily growing cells. That little tiny heart knows what it does is important, but somehow also knows the job didn’t start with it. But that’s okay. “I’ve been assigned to keep this body alive, and I will,” the heart thinks. THA-Thump. THA-Thump.

  A-MAZING! How cool is that?

That little tiny heart is giving life-blood to a little tiny baby. And that little tiny baby is just waiting, is ready to take on the world. Heart and baby! Who are we to deny them a chance?

This doesn’t do justice–by any stretch of the imagination–to what it means to be pro-life, to the truths that are being constantly disregarded. But it takes one little step at a time to do what the pro-life movement is doing. Baby steps.

Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network

Hi there! Welcome to the place where you can get support, inspiration, and creative ideas on how to be active in the pro-life movement! We’re excited to offer you this online platform where you can connect with other homeschooled teens across the country and share ideas, ask questions, and get inspired!

If you’re…happy-teens
– prolife
– in high school
– eager to DO something about your convictions

…this is the place for you!

As homeschooled students ourselves, we’ve always wanted to get involved but had no idea where to start. There were plenty of obstacles to deter us- as teenagers and homeschoolers who wanted to do pro-life activism, we felt isolated because there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the same bunk! And to top that, we really didn’t have the connections or the support to do any major endeavour.
I knew abortion was killing my own generation and that I, as a young person, had to do something about it. Once a year I would attend my local Walk for Life and Life Chain, but that was the extent of my pro-life activities. The fact that I was terrified of public speaking, didn’t have a driver’s license and couldn’t drive myself to pro-life events yet, and not enough connections, all prevented me from doing more.
Then one day, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and a LifeSiteNews article about a letter-writing campaign started by some teenagers in the U.S. popped up. The goal was to write 1 million pro-life letters to the American government, I clicked on it, I read it, and I wished them luck.
But several days later, I still couldn’t get that campaign out of my head. The more I thought about it, the more I realized… it was perfect. I wouldn’t need to beg for a drive, I wouldn’t need to do ANY public speaking, and it seemed effective. I decided to give it a shot.

Letters4Life team

A few of the teenagers who helped make Letters4Life a success

I called it Letters4Life, and our goal was to send 100,000 letters to the Prime Minister and MPs to support a parliamentary motion to examine a 400-year old Canadian law that says we don’t become human being until the moment of complete birth.

The letters increased extremely slowly at first; as people filled in the online Letter Tracker, there honestly didn’t seem to be a chance of our reaching even half the goal. Yet through social media and thanks to other young people, word started spreading like wildfire. We joined up with some other awesome pro-Motion 312 campaigns and before long, thousands upon thousands of pro-life letters were pouring into parliamentarian’s mail boxes. In fact, the main post office where mail to the Parliament gets sorted was completely inundated with pro-life postcards. Among the many success stories, one of my favourites is the admission from an MP who had planned to vote against the motion. But after receiving 91 letters asking her to support it, for every 1 letter that asked her to oppose it, she realized she had to represent her constituents and so, voted in favour of the motion!
Throughout my experience with L4L, I had to step outside of my comfort zone way more than I ever expected to: doing public speaking in churches and schools, calling the Prime Minister and MPs, and so on. So, that’s why, when asked by Toronto Right-to-Life to help start up a homeschool pro-life club, I jumped at the opportunity- my hope is that you will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of unborn babies…and that’s always a little easier to do when you’ve got some back-up and people who’ve been (and still are!) in the same shoes as you.

So, that’s why we want to be here for you, to get you connected with other like-minded teens, to get your inspiration here on this blog and forum, and then help you take what you’ve learned and put it in practice in the real world!

And to cap it off, I want to share a quote from St. Catherine of Siena (one of the most determined and passionate women in history- never backed down from what she believed was right!) “If you are who you should be…. You will set the world on fire!”