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Executive Team

Become an active executive member of the Homeschool PLAN team! Email to apply. 



We’re always looking for bloggers to keep the site updated and fresh! Whether you want to make a one-time post or become a regular blogger (depending on your preferences, you can blog weekly, monthly, or whenever you get the inspiration!)
We are especially looking forward to featuring regular Member Spotlights, where anyone, whether homeschooled currently or in the past, can share their story of what they have done and what they plan to do for the pro-life cause, as a way of giving activism ideas and inspiration to the rest of us!

To apply:
Regular blogging: Send us a short sample of your writing. It can be anything…whether it’s an excerpt from a school assignment, a story, or an article you’ve written!
One-time/ Spotlight: Just send us an email that you want to write a post.

Graphic Design

Got talent for graphic design? We would love to have you on our team to design things such as a logo, memes, and images for the Homeschool PLAN website, which we would also use as a way of spreading the word about the club on Facebook and Twitter. You’d be in touch with us and together brainstorm on creative ideas for design.

To apply: send us a sample of any posters or memes you’ve designed in the past!

Conference Representatives

Is there a homeschool conference happening in your area? Let us know, and we will help you arrange to have a Homeschool PLAN information booth and be a representative for Homeschool PLAN. We will send you some talking points, postcards, and information details.

To apply: Just send us a quick email letting us know you’re interested and the name and location of the conference and we’ll get into touch with you.

Project Planning Team

The more brains, the better! We’re always trying to come up with creative and new activism and project ideas for homeschooled teens. Since we’re based in Ontario, we’d love to have a strong pro-life presence in other areas of Canada and the U.S. that only you can give! You can help us plan campaigns and react to political issues that affect life which are happening in other parts of the continent. We would especially love to have reps from the U.S. as well as the western Canadian provinces!

To apply: Just send us a quick email asking to join the project team!

Social Media Team

If you’re good at getting likes on your Facebook or followers on your Twitter, you know your pro-life facts, and you feel you’d be a good representative for Homeschool PLAN, join our social media team! It’s an invaluable tool to spread the word, build interest, and engage pro-life homeschoolers to become members and connect with others. Knowing the best ways of working it and some experience with youth outreach is recommended. Being on the social media team would include posting tweets and posts that are informative, generate youth interest, and are conducive to being shared across the social media world.

To apply: Email us a sample of your writing, a description of your pro-life activism, and if you’ve started your own Facebook page or Twitter account for a club or cause, send us the link!