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Aaand we’re back!

Hey guys! So we haven’t fallen off the face of the planet – much as it might appear that way.

School has come like a thief in the night and stolen our time away. Okay, that’s a little dramatic…But college life¬†has kept us busy, and we’re sorry for not having kept things up-to-date.

We’re smack-dab in the middle of summer, however, and there’s no time to waste when it comes to saving babies!

For the rest of this summer, our goal is to get the blog running again and make things more lively around here. After all, it’s good for homeschoolers to stay connected, and often the summer offers more time on your hands than the school year. Channeling that extra time into life-saving work is an extremely worthy way of using that time!

So throughout the remainder of this summer, we’ll be posting some educational information as well as offering some ideas on pro-life things you can do in your community. Keep posted!

How to Make Your Summer Count

Bees-a-buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz. Sorry guys. You’ve heard that song a million times by olaf
now- scratch that- a million gazillion is more like it? But Olaf the snowman captures idea of summer quite perfectly: long, idle days of sleeping in, lazying around, plucking grass or “getting gorgeously tanned” at the beach.

While those can be some of the most relaxing moments of summer, why not stir up your summer with a bang and save some lives?

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can leave the greatest impact. Like this story about a “Life” bracelet that was dropped in a parking lot and changed a mother’s mind about aborting her baby.
And this story about a girl who wished for a sign about whether she should have an abortion or not. The next day she was walking and on the parked car nearby she noticed a pro-life bumper sticker. She chose life.

So what can we do to make this a summer of baby-savin’, abortion-ending epicness?
Well, the simple things.

Next time you go to the beach, write a pro-life message in the sand. Maybe it won’t stay there long and maybe it’ll be washed away or stomped on, but you never know if someone might see it and be touched.

Get your parents to put a pro-life sticker on the bumper of your car. Perhaps it could change the life or the choice of the person driving behind you.

Get CCBR’s abortion drop cards and leave them everywhere you go. Trust me, nothing makes you feel more like a secret ninja than this. While shopping, I will leave them in mall rest rooms, apparel store change rooms or on a Wal-Mart shelf. I discreetly pull one out of my purse, place it in a visible spot, and *poof-* disappear. Ninja Awesomeness.

Do our pro-life chalk challenge. It’s fun, you can do it with friends, and well, who doesn’t love an excuse to go back to their childhood days of chalk drawing?

And this one goes without saying…. Get a collection of pro-life bracelets and drop them on Wal-Mart parking lots. You know… Cloudy with a Chance of Pro-Life Bracelets.